On The Spot Tire Change $ 50–75

Changing a tire on the side of the road can be a hazard, day or night. Even under ideal conditions challenges may arise. Add in the elements -- rain / snow, heat / cold -- not much enjoyment to be had. Uneven road surface, weed ditch, it just keeps getting better. You did not plan for this, so you most definitely are not dressed for the occasion.

A tire change may be second nature for some, but for most it's a dreaded assignment. Even for the heartiest DIY's it can be a herculean task, even with the proper tools provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, if the last person to work on that tire was an over zealous technician with an impact driver.

Allow our trained service technicians to do the job with the proper tools and protect you and your family: other drivers are more apt to slow down to safe speeds when they see a marked service vehicle pulled over with you.

For us to help:

  • You must have a good working spare tire.
  • Please inform our service provider with as much information as possible about your vehicle prior to their arrival.
  • If you have locking lugs or custom rims you may need a special key or tool in order for us to perform the tire removal.

We can change a tire quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Suggestions for the DIYer

If you want to change a tire yourself, these steps should help:

Turn on your emergency flashers ASAP.

Get off the highway at the nearest exit, if at all possible.

Stop on a firm, level surface, if available.

Set your parking brake.

Loosen the lug nuts.

Jack up your vehicle.

Remove damaged tire and replace with good, properly inflated spare.

Reinstall lug nuts and hand tighten.

Lower the vehicle cautiously.

Now tighten the lug nuts, firmly.

Replace all items back into trunk area, securely.

Engage your seat belt, start your vehicle, remove park brake, look before reentering the lane of traffic, get up to speed before cancelling your emergency flashers.

Get that faulty tire repaired or replaced at your first opportunity.

Had a flat tire this morning. Called Razor Roadside and spoke with Steve. They arrived to change the tire very quickly and did a great job. Highly recommended. Thanks, Gary
After a mishap with the crappy jack in our car, we called Razor Roadside and Steve was there to help within 15 minutes!! Great service and good rates. Thank you Steve!!
Razor Roadside is a fantastic service! Quick, inexpensive, friendly and knowlegable. Thanks for helping me with my tire today!!!

Why Choose Us?

  • Reputable — We are a proven roadside service provider in NWA. Our clients call us again and again because of our reputation and service.

  • Accurate — We'll have your spare tire mounted swiftly and safely. Let our skilled technicians quickly get you back on the road.

  • PromptWe give you live service immediately! Since serving you is our #1 Priority, our ETA is usually 30 minutes or less.

  • Pay-per-UseNo membership fees or expensive contracts. Tire service begins at $50.

Our goal is to make sure your roadside tire service gets you quickly and safely on your way. Just remember our motto — "Keep NWA moving".

Razor Roadside is your On-Demand & Affordable alternative to the larger service providers in NWA.

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