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Getting locked out of your car with key inside is never a good time. Frustrating, aggravating, and at times scary depending on the time of day or where you're located. This always seems to happen at the worst possible time — when you need to be somewhere fast or important.

There was a time when the local police department responded to help motorists who locked themselves out, but many officers no longer help due to liability claims. Always call 911, your first responders for help when it comes to a child locked in a hot vehicle.

Lacking an absolute emergency, Razor Roadside is your logical choice. Local and family-owned since 2012: "Keep NWA moving" is our motto.

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Opening a Locked Vehicle Door Without the Key

Locked your key in the vehicle? We know how disheartening that can be. Here are few pointers on how to gain access to a locked vehicle door:

Do not use a crow bar to pry the car door open (I kid you not, I have witnessed this first hand). Not only will this cause some costly damage but some people may think you are stealing a car.

If you're forgetful and lock your keys in the car fairly often, consider getting an additional key and keep it in your wallet, purse, or under the insole of your boot.

Magnetic boxes that attach to the metal of the frame can be a fair choice, but be sure to place your container in an out of the way, hard-to-reach place where it won't shimmy loose and fall out.

Always test it beforehand (without the spare key) — try a few different spots for a week. If the box is not there when you go to retrieve it, you need to try another more secure and stable location.

Remember — working a little to retrieve that extra key is far better than losing that key.

Be creative! Pick a location that others might not think about. You want to eliminate someone gaining access in order to minimize the chance of someone being able to steal your vehicle or your belongings within the vehicle.

Opening Locked Car Doors

Knowing the best method to unlock your car door depends on the tools you have on hand and the type of vehicle you have, especially the type of locks equipped in your vehicle.

Old-fashioned locks with modest buttons on the door ledge can be opened by using a coat hanger. Just straighten the hanger out and bend the end into a small hook. Place it between the weather stripping of the door area and then cautiously hook it around the button and pull it up.

Sleek buttons, you can try the hanger method, however most will not budge. Another technique: use a door stop and your antenna. Stick the door stop into the top of the door to make an opening. Place the antenna into the breach and manipulate the unlock button of your car. This is difficult but it can be done.

Lock the keys in your car but you have your trunk open? You might be able to lower the rear seat and gain access to the back of the vehicle. You could also stash an additional key in the trunk somewhere.

With any of these scenarios: having the proper tools is always best to ensure no damage is done to your automobile.

If your vehicle locks are recessed near the door handle, better to call Razor Roadside service.

Computerized Door Openers

Fortunately, most newer vehicles come with a computerized door opener or chipped key that won't permit you to lock the door with the key in the vehicle, (or so they say). The drawback is, if you lose the transponder key, it can take days and hundreds of dollars to replace it.

If your vehicle has a computerized opener, you might get the door open, but if you misplaced the opener away from your car, you will most likely fail to start the vehicle. 

If you've locked the key in the vehicle and need professional help, call Razor Roadside Service and ask us to unlock the door.

Can't say enough about good ole Steve. Guy is hilarious and genuinely polite. His timing of getting somewhere is even better than that and worth the money to pop a lock in no time Second time using him and while I hope I don't have to use again anytime soon.lol I will always call my guy Steve to do so. Thanks man
This past week Steve came and helped me after I had locked my keys in the truck. After I spoke with him, he was at my vehicle in about 30 min(during evening rush hour even!) And in maybe 5 minutes he had my truck unlocked and good to go. He was great! Thanks again!
Wonderful service!! He was super friendly and helpful on the phone and in person! Plus it look less than 25 minutes from the time i made the call and my car was unlocked. Definitely recommend him!

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