Dead Battery / Jump Start Service $ 30–60

Your car's battery can fail for any number of reasons, including extended lack of use, interior lights left on, or cold weather. No matter the cause, having a dead car battery can ruin your plans and leave you stranded.

Get fast help with a dead car battery from Razor Roadside, a better alternative for roadside service in NWA.

Service is provided to jumpstart a dead battery or make other minor roadside adjustments to start the vehicle. Expenses for more extensive repairs, parts and labor are the customer's responsibility.

Bad Battery, Sad Starter, or Awful Alternator?

There is nothing more discouraging than a dead car. Hop in your ride, turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens. Try again, still nada. If your car won't start, it is usually an issue with the battery, starter or alternator. But how can you tell which part is causing your problem? These 3 items work together to start your vehicle so it can be difficult to know which part is faulty. Here are some ways to pin down where the cause of your issue exists:

The Battery

The first place to start your analysis is the battery — the least expensive and simplest of these parts to change. Without a thoroughly charged battery your starter won't serve you correctly. Generally lasting 2-4 years, the battery is most often the part that has succumb.

How to Identify if your Battery is Bad

  • Vehicle will not start or crank over, no lights come on.
  • Motor may crank over but still won't start.
  • Having issues starting your vehicle on a consistent basis.
  • Redundant jumpstarts in the past few weeks.

If any of these issues are occurring, your battery is the likely culprit. Replacing the battery is something you can DIY or have your favorite mechanic do it. If the battery tests out, it's time to look at the alternator.

If the problem is your battery, we can help get your car started to get you to an auto-shop. Give us a call!

The Starter

Responsible for starting the motor when you push the start button or turn the key, the starter pulls its power from the battery. It takes that power to crank over the motor and start the vehicle. Without an accurately working starter, you are not going anywhere.

How to Distinguish if Starter is Sad

  • Motor will not turn over when attempting to jump start.
  • Dashboard lights may come on, but vehicle will not start.
  • Signature clicking sound when turning the key in the ignition.

Should you observe any of these warning signs in your vehicle, discuss it with your technician for the necessary repairs.

The Alternator

A core part of your automobile's charging unit, the alternator charges the battery when the motor is operating and also powers the electrical system. The alternator generally lasts for 10-15 years. Should your alternator deteriorate, your battery may die, since the alternator will not be able to keep it charged. A lifeless battery can be a sign that something is up with the alternator.

Ways to Determine if your Alternator is Awful

  • Your motor shuts down after a jump start.
  • Burning rubber smell.
  • Warning light on the dashboard.
  • Dim headlights or dashboard lights.
  • Grinding noise when attempting to start vehicle.

If you think the alternator is the problem, set a date with your technician. They should be able to come to a decision and make the necessary adjustments.

Steve tried to troubleshoot the issue my car was having over the phone. If I had known enough about cars I possibly could have fixed it myself. He then proceeded to offer a very fair price for his services at 8:45 PM on a Friday night. I'm writing this review while waiting for him. If he can't fix the issue my car is having I'm confident that it is not his fault, 5 stars for excellent customer service.
Fast and friendly service. No complaints here.
Another great outcome this morning, I've used Steve 4 times now and Everytime he's super nice, doesn't cause any harm or damage to your vehicle he's in and out quick so your on your way to get back to what you were doing! Thanks Steve your the man!

Roadside Service at Your Fingertips

  • Experienced — No matter where or how your vehicle is parked we can get to you. There are no jumper cables to deal with here — we use the latest in Jump Box technology.

  • Professional — Our drivers are well trained and eager to help.¬†They know how to connect the jump boxes correctly to ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

  • Fast — No waiting on hold or fighting with an app. We give you live service immediately. We can usually be there in less than 30 minutes.

  • Affordable — Our prices are fair and we accept most major debit and credit cards. Jump start charges start at $30.

Razor Roadside will get your vehicle started with minimal inconvenience and get you back to your day.

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