About Razor Roadside

January 2012, I (Steve) received a call from my wife — she had a flat tire and her car was now sitting in a Springdale AR parking lot.

I called our Roadside Assistance provider, but the call went unanswered. Then I started searching Google for a tow company. They all had unreasonably long ETAs.

Each call seemed to take entirely too long.

When they quoted prices in the range of $125 for a tire change, I felt we were being exploited in our time of need. It was at that point that I decided I could clearly improve upon this inadequate process.

So in March of that same year I started Razor Roadside — a new company that plans to be the go-to roadside service for NWA.

Razor Roadside is offering Northwest Arkansas roadside assistance as an "On-Demand" renovation instead of the "Prepaid" plan which has become obsolete with today's technology.

Although the younger generation is a more savvy-technology driven generation, they still don't have the brand rapport with ALL the roadside assistance providers, as do the 50+ generation who usually had the roadside assistance coverage with their various auto insurance carriers.

I kept thinking, I can get transportation anywhere (to the mall, airport, school, etc.) in just a couple minutes, but when I truly need help on the side of the road, and I don't already have a roadside assistance provider, who do I contact? How do I find someone to help me?

The Benefits

While there are apps for roadside service nowadays, most people do not like going through an automated system. Many automated systems require having your exact location, which can be difficult to find if you're stranded.

Case in point: a client ran out of gas while driving through an unfamiliar city and only had the street name along with the name of a brick and mortar company they saw close by. Since the national provider did not have the precise address, they were refused service due to lack of information.

We chose a live person as our first point of contact because our clients asked for it. A live person who knows the local area. This just made sense to us.

With Razor Roadside, you no longer need to go through a lengthy process of getting service if you need roadside assistance.

  • There are no apps or call centers to deal with — you'll be dealing with our service technicians directly.
  • We're locals — You don't have to worry about having an exact location (though it is helpful).
  • There are no hidden fees — an exact quote will be provided when you call.
  • No membership fees — call us any time you need help and we'll be there 24/7.

I was raised to work hard, be courteous and to do "whatever it takes to get the job done." We will do everything we can to find you, the more detailed information you can give us will help us to arrive as quickly as possible to complete your roadside service needs.

We are the best family-owned local provider: get superior service at great prices and only pay for what you need.

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